You bring your knife
I'll bring my gun
We'll play this game
Like we both won
We can end this now

If you let me I could run away
But you hold on to my ears
Crying into them, you like to think I care
You like to think somebody's there
You whine, you bitch about the father that left you
But you can't seem to see what is in front of you
Are you blind?
Are you dumb?
Wake up!

You bring your gun
I've got my knives
Why do you
Want to end our lives?

I've still got a breath left in me
You've still got dreams to acheive
What the fuck
Why can't you do this on your own?
You just keep dragging me down

Theres an anchor on my ankle
And I named it after you
Why can't you let go?
What do you have to lose?