"My Feelings For You"

It's hard to tell you all the things that I feel.
No words can describe your amazing sweetness.
No actions can show you what I want to say.

Every day I'm thankful.
That I have you in my life.
For the happiness you bring.
To share these feelings with you.

Your smile so bliss and charming.
The whistling wind through your hair.
The twinkling stars above our heads.

I stare into your adorable brown eyes,
So deep and wonderful.
Your face is beautiful under the moonlit sky.
So warm and serene.

Feeling your gentle lips press against mine.
There is no other feeling of this kind.

Through every stride,
For the rest of my life,
All I want to do.
Is be with you.

My heart pounding against my chest.
Palms sweating, I open a small box,
Smiling slightly as I go down on one knee..
I've been longing to ask you, "Will you marry me?"