"One Last Time"

I stood there hopelessly

watching as you faded away.

You closed your eyes,

and I held you as you died.

I fell to the ground sobbing and crying.

My emotions, they ripped me apart,

the pain, it shattered my heart.

Inside, I was the one dying.

Tons of thoughts ran through my mind,

I screamed your name so many times.

I cried myself to sleep every night.

For without you, I am blind

andhave lost my sight.

Now that you are completely gone,

I cannot find the strength to go on.

If you could hear me pleading,

and if you could see me grieving,

I can't help that I'm internally bleeding.

I'm begging on my knees,

for you to open your eyes,

just once more please.

I know it is impossible,

but I will never give up hope.

I would give everything worth while,

just to see your beautiful smile.

Remembering all the memories we shared,

the tears would overflow my eyes,

I would sit for hours and cry.

Although I see you every time I close my eyes,

I now wish that I had the chance to say goodbye.

One last time.