Background story: This is for a couple characters of mine, Half-Incubi, half-Coyote spirit brothers by the names of Cold and Cruel. This little ficlet is rated Mature, due to yaoi and incest, and hinted abuse. Told from Cruel's POV. (Cold/Cruel pairing)

Brother always said to be quiet, when it was just us.

Brother always told me he loved me, always told me he'd protect me.

Brother always said he would never abandon me.

Brother lied.

But back then, I didn't know it. Back then, I was just a kid. My brother, Cold, was older than me; stronger as well. He had inherited more of father than mother. I was his opposite. I was younger, by only a few years. He took advantage of that.

I think I was just turning into a teen, when he snuck in my room. "Little brother..." he hissed, in a tone I had heard him use on the girls his age. The tone that lead to Brother's lustful ways...but back then, I was too young to know. "Little brother of mine, little Cruel...are you awake?"

"Yes, I am." I sat up, curling my blanket to my naked chest. Cold slept in the nude, meaning that he must have come out of his bedroom to see me. I thought nothing of it, being that we were, after all, brothers.

He eyed me, with those black eyes of artic chill. He had few features of coyote on him, those being only his tail, and the tufts of fur at the end of his long Elvin ears. The reddish-brown hair was messy with sleep, hiding bits and pieces of his unchanging face from my eyes. I heard him chuckle, one of those that father had once done to seduce mother. I clutched my sheets tighter, feeling something wrong in the back of my mind as he strode closer.

"Good. I wanted to talk to you, Cruel, from one man to another. You are a man now, am I correct? You have come of age." He licked his lips, crawling closer to me and shifting himself onto my bed.

I felt the hairs on the back of my neck bristle. "Of course I have. What do you want, Cold?" Now, I wasn't built at all. My brother was slightly built, yet sickeningly skinny at his waist. If he wanted to, he could hurt me badly. I chose not to anger him; not in this odd state he was in.

"I want you to prove something to me..." He kept crawling closer, until I could no longer scoot away from him. "Prove to me..." He straddled me under him, grinning a crazed grin. "...that you can handle..." With a twist of his hands, my fabric barrier between him was ripped away, leaving us both nude to the cool air. "...becoming a man."

I gulped. "W-w-what are you doing!?" Before I could call out for mother or father, Cold had already sealed my mouth tight with his own. My own brother kissed me...not the kind of kiss you would expect one family member to give to another. His tongue ran over my own, and I was helpless to push him off. He pulled back, clamping my mouth shut.

"Be quiet, Cruel. I don't want anyone else to hear what I'm going to say." Afraid, I nodded, before he let his hand drop to his side to keep him hovering above me. "We are halflings in this world. Half Incubi, half Coyote spirit. It is in our blood to trick mortals, and to seize them in our beds." He wiped away tears that I didn't even know I was shedding. Inwardly, I growled. He continued.

"But there is something else in the combining of our blood...we need a single partner to call ours, and ours alone. I was not so lucky when I was your age, and I suffered. I suffered so..." I couldn't tell the difference between his fake sobs and his real sobs like I could now, so I believed his woes to be true. "And it breaks me to know that my little brother, my own sweet little Cruel...will have to go through the same...but..." He looked at me with wild eyes, beginning to crush my body under his weight. "But it doesn't have to be this way for you..."

I was shivering, whimpering. It felt wrong, but it felt right at the same time. Our bodies were unconsciously stirring to life, becoming more and more interested in one another. Cold didn't seem to notice, he just continued to speak. "I can save you this torment, little brother...I can save you from your blood."

"W....what do I have to do?" I asked, so stupid to realize what he wanted of me.

Cold grinned, kissed me, and then hovered above me. "Just sit back, be quiet, and let me show you how much I love you..."

Morning came, along with that sick feeling. Cold had taken what innocence I had, and twisted it around to suit his liking. He took what dominance I had, and he shattered it in his crushing thrusts. But what he could not take was my trust...I had given it freely to him that night, in exchange for what I thought would save me from Incubi's lust. He told me that night that he would never leave me, that we would be forever as partners. We would never feel empty and lost, and I wouldn't have to know what he had gone through...

Father had found out what I had let him do to me next week, when asked why Cold was missing. Father was angry, Mother was angry. Cold wasn't there to protect me from their punches, their harsh words. I trusted he would come, I trusted he would be there like he said.

Brother lied to me.

I gave Brother the silence, so he could commit his deed upon me.

I gave Brother the love and faith that he would always be here for me.

I gave Brother my life, and he stole off into the night with it.

And no matter what you've done to me, my brother Cold...

...I will love you in more ways than one....