From A Mother To Her Child

By Storm December

Disclaimer: This is MINE do NOT use without MY permission! Inspired by the story "Wishes Are For Dreamers" by Yih from fanfiction.Go check it out it's a beautiful story.


Hello my child, Mama's here

So let's let the sun light in.

And it's time to do your exercises,

They say it helps a bit.

Now let's get you washed and dressed,

While the nurses change your linen.

And get you tuck back in your bed,

So you can rest a little.

I bought some fresh new flowers,

To replace those by your bed.

You know they tend to wither,

Rather quickly now these days.

Let's read your favorite book again,

And see if you'll smile today.

I'd love to hear you laugh again,

You think you'll do that for me.

It's Mother's Day today you know,

So we'll have to do something extra special.

And just to hear your beautiful voice,

Is worth more than the world.


But you're not coming back to me, are you?

And I know I should let you go.

But I still want to hold on to you.

Just a little while longer though.


So, your father's taking me out to dinner,

And to dance underneath the stars.

We'd love to have our piano player with us,

You know you'll always be our Little Mozart.

He's going to pick me up from here,

So he'll get to see you too.

Then we'll both be here tomorrow,

'Cause it's the last we'll hold of you.

I'd love to see those pretty eyes,

And hear your voice again.

And hear you laugh and watch you play,

And smile just for me.

Or watch you walk in pale moonlight,

And never watch you sleep.


But your not coming back to me,

And I have to let you go.

No matter how much I want my Baby Boy,

You left me long ago.