Now you wonder was I'm always dressed in blue

Why I always do the things that I do

Why always just sit around

Like have nothing to do

But just around room in my little room

I wear blue for the tears that I have cried in the past

For all the people I have lost to unforgetful deeds

I sit around because no one seems to care

With my friends out and about

I just sit in my room and think about

What I did to become the way I am

When I was a child

I would always have a smile

On my face that was always true

Now that I've gotten older

My face is somber

Because I have nothing to smile about

I am the girl in blue

And everyone wonders why I do the things I do

And the reason is

Is that I don't really care

You can say what you want

But I just don't give a fuck

I can take your crap everyday of the week

For I will stare at you with a look of disappointment

Because you talk about other people

Just to make yourself feel good

Judging people won't help none

You'll just have to live with the things that you've done

Now you can start petty lies

About the girl in blue

But you won't turn out how you want to

You'll just sit and mope about your past

While I go on

With a bright future ahead

I laugh at you from a far away place

Because I really know

How your life turned out

You're the one who's begging for a hand