beauteous : insufferable
i think not;
prettyinpink, my d e l i cate boy
flashing pale&blue
underneath the disco lights.

dancing white fingers
clank and dissolute –
alcohol & the smell of
wasted days.
roll over (dJ)
you are like the
mArtini;scotch;gin-tonic & -

bartender(ness) –
such l u c i d beauty
in the gold of ice and whiskey
and s o m e thing-on-the-rocks

boy, you're v E n O m to my soul.
(consumption for my appetite.)

hello, my love - it's me, your happiness.

reflection in your silver cup
as it to ss es –
creation / coup de gras
your hand brushes mine
- maltwhiskeycognac
seeping into my skin
raspberry liqueur (love me please
mr. bartender)