There's an old woman
inside me.
And she is reaching,
her hand
to touch my mind.
to pour wisdom
into me.
that one day
I'll understand.

I just want to say thank you to all my faithful reviewers that have made these 100 works possible. You have helped me grow so much as a person and as a writer. I can't believe the thingsI have written in these last three years.

Special thanks to:

Spawny (you silly silly man!)
simpleplan13 (thank you for your continuous reviewing!)
NamirSwiftpaw (you're an amazing writer! Never stop!)
Celestrial Sailor (Big Bro, always keep the dreaming alive.)
Fabian Cortez (My favorite imagery writer, thanks for wonderful reviews!)
moment2moment (my Jo Momma!)
and of course, Anthony Draconius. (Yis-nana.)

You guys have given me inspiration and critique so beautifully.

And even though she is no longer on the site, Heart of the Sword. Thanks for the inspiration to start writing Japenese poetry.

I am sorry if I forgot anyone. Forgive me! I have fake nails on!!!

Again, thank you all and I hope I have 100 more things to share with you.

Keep writing kids!


-Seras Nova