I lived in a quiet neighborhood. It was so peaceful that it was almost quite boring. The trees were perfectly green, the houses perfectly made, and the people were perfectly nice. But then one day, the day before my twelfth birthday, the tranquility was broken. The Sook family moved next door, with their son Jaidee.

"But mom!" I argued with my mother.

"No buts Sandy. We have to be friendly. They're new here. And besides, I think their son Jaidee is about your age. We have to invite him to your party tomorrow." Mom argued back.

Mom, the friendliest in the neighborhood.

So that was it, I had no choice but to accept him and introduce him to my friends.

During the party, he was particularly quiet. But it didn't actually bother me, as long as he didn't come near me or my friends. It was a nice day with my friends.

Finally after the last guests left, I went to bed thinking about school tomorrow. My mom told me Jaidee was transferred to my school. Oh well, we're not really friends anyway.

The next day, Karen, my supposed-to-be best friend, started hanging out with a new crew. And I was left alone. After classes, I went to my locker to find a banner posted to it.


Who could do this??

Suddenly, I heard a loud boisterous laughter. It was Karen, along with her new crowd.

"Sorry Sandy. I just got bored with your geekish stories and lame company." She said matter-of-factly. The mean girl next to her laughed.

I ran outside barely hearing the laughter of her friends. I ran until I reached the park. And there, under the big sycamore tree, I cried.

Crunch! I heard a foot stepped on a dry leaf beside me. It was Jaidee.

"Here. Take my hanky." He said.