Haiku Collection for 05/18/06

Crazy Nights

Too many bar fights

Knives,guns,and pipes are all out

Damn these crazy nights


A man of no wits

But with him wisdom galore

The fool he is called

King's Wrath

Called the king a fool

Beheaded he was to be

An axe awaited


Watching the sunset

On your back watching the clouds

A dreamer you are

Part of the Scenery

No one can see you

Even as hard as you try

You'll become insane


Your losing your calm

And every single thing

Because of this qualm


You just can't keep it

It's forever losing you

To another land


Leaves are always gold

Forever they stay that way

Even when they're old


Up on the grand stage

The grandest one of them all

They still adore you


What would I do if

I had all the time I want

I could become me


She is always down

Life is a catastrophe

Until he came along

Could Have Been

A few more years and

You know what you could have been

No profanity

Through The Years

As you look backwards

Through all the years of your life

The trouble and strife


The offer I have

Is foolish at its best

Its my overture


The world's new gold

The easiest one to hold

The silver is cold


A man of no words

But many at the same time

Not worth a easy dime