I really don't feel like working on my independent study today. I hope this is just one of those "first day back" things, because permanently losing interest in a topic like this would be really bad at this point. I'd rather not have to force myself to do the next three months work. But oh well…let's talk about something more enjoyable today.

Let's talk about cables.

Cables are both good and bad. On the plus side, they connect stuff; your electronics simply wouldn't work without them. On the downside, too many cables (and lets face it – if you have one, you have too many) get cluttered, and then you trip over them or they get tangled up and moving stuff becomes a huge problem. While they're more reliable than wireless, their physical properties can break easier.

It's for this reason that we still rely so heavily on cables. While other alternatives make sense, nothing is as pragmatic as a good, sturdy cable. Of course, lots of the best-working cables aren't very sturdy, but that's something that Buddha wouldn't care about.

How will the future be shaped in regards to cables? Who knows…there's a chance that cables will eventually be phased out to make room for faster, more reliable wireless networks. Or the Earth could run out of natural resources before an adequate source of alternate energy is discovered, plunging us back into the stone age with no idea of how to get out of it again. At that point, cables might be used to hang the idiots responsible for not figuring out a way to avoid the fall of technology, but only because of the technological irony of using technology to kill the people responsible for the death of technology. After that, cables probably wouldn't be used for much – since rope is stronger anyway.

Ah, cables…how we shall miss thee.