The wind rushing through my hair

My heart my heart is so bare.

The wind howls in my ears

I open my arms in blissful tears.

I tilt my head to greet the rain that comes

All over my face and body it drums.

The sky darkens like my old sad heart

But I'm out in the rain with it ready to part.

Thunder booms and lightning strikes the earth

Everyone is inside by the nice warm hearth.

A smile blooms on my face

There are things inside I can't erase.

So many dark and dire secrets unrevealed

In my heart for so long they have stayed sealed.

Now out in this torrent of rain

I'm ready to say goodbye to all that pain.

God of wonders and all the earth and sky

Please let me know if it's your will I die.

I feel like inside has snapped and broken

My mind cannot come to grips with this notion.

My mind is telling me this is real

The thunder, lightning, rain I feel.

It's all so dark but it's the middle of day

A paradox of irony my heart would say.

Let me know if I have outlived my purpose

Though so young I'm tired, is it your will to hurt us?

I can almost feel your comforting arms around me

I gasp and turn because someone is behind me.

My clothes are damp and my hair a wild mane

I know this person holding me called my name.

Their eyes meet mine as the rain falls down

Then they disappear and I feel like a clown.

That face has been with me all my life

But I know not who it belongs to leaving me in strife.

Suddenly the rain begins to clear

The sun kisses the earth so dear.

Only now the echoes of distant thunder are left

Leaving me soaked, confused and more than a wreck.

Did God come and answer my plea?

Or am I missing something, is it just me?

No, determination fills my mind

Something happened but of what kind.

I turn rapidly in disgust to retreat inside

When something flashes and catches my eye

All my anger is gone and in its place a strange cry.

No, it can't be I don't believe what I'm feeling inside

That face I have seen in flickering dreams at night

But right now it's staring at me and giving a fright

Those eyes, that hair there is no mistaking

This is the man of my own making

But he is smiling and coming closer now

I'm telling my feet to run but don't know how.

He reaches out slowly and touches my face

"Your real" he breathes and my heart begins to race.

Words rise but stick in my throat

So much is happening I'm going to choke!

Something is growing so great in my heart

This is that something that was meant to start.

Words flowed from her "my whole life I have dreamt of you"

Their eyes were startled as they said this in unison, its true.

Their were no more words but they stayed immobile

This new sensation growing was global

Their whole lives they had waited for this;

This one, true and inevitable kiss