I see you.

Standing there.

So silent,

Yet so smug.

You smile.

I can only barely restrain my disgust.

Your smile,

It is one of mockery, evil, defiance.

You draw your only weapon.

Bring to my mind,

The things that I do not want to think.

Mortified, I can only stand petrified as your attacks come at me.

They hit me hard.

I can do nothing.

For I know that they are part of me.

As are you.


The very thing that I never want to face.


The very thing I never want to unloose.

Yet you constantly escape.

You tease and torment me.

All for amusement.

All for your fun.

Fury fills a part of me.

The part that keeps my mind.

As you attack yet more,

That part comes out to fight.

Rarely quick to conflict,

But in this matter there is no choice.

Taking strength from that part of me,

I stand to face you.

Your smile grows larger,

As if trying me, to see my limits.

Know this,

I will fight you,

Daily, if I must.

And I will win.