Whispered Voices

By: Kawika Myers, a.k.a. Ryushi Nigami

Dawn broke as Voix Sanhein woke from a sound sleep into what would soon become a nightmare. His dark blue eyes snapped open as he stretched his arms to rid himself of the tension of a good night's sleep.

'You are miiiiine...' A voice hissed in his ear.

Freezing in the middle of his stretch, Voix looked around suspiciously. Seeing no one, he shrugged and rotated his shoulders to loosen them.

'Yooouuu cannot hiiiide from meeeee...' The voice hissed again.

Shivering again from the creepiness of the voice's tone, Voix decided to ignore it for now and worry about it during his weekly psychiatrist session. Finally moving his lanky, 6 foot, 145 kg body out of bed, Voix ambled towards his closet with the intent of finding something to wear.

'Ooooo,' The voice churred delightedly, 'I like black.'

Wondering how the voice knew what was in his wardrobe, Voix selected a sharp black suit for his day and stepped into his bathroom. Disrobing, he stepped into the shower and turned on the hot water.

While he was languishing in his decidedly relaxing shower, another voice piped up.

'Mmm, he looks scrumptious.' This one was definitely female

Even as he started in shock and tried to cover himself, the first voice spoke up again (or hissed, rather).

'Back offff, Ssssseina, He'ssss miiiiine.'

Voix scrambled out of the shower, blushing, as the two voices began bickering. He dried off in record time and dressed for his day even faster. However, he always liked his tie to be perfect. As he adjusted his tie, his long black hair wild and messy (which was fine with him, as he could never get it to do what he wanted), The first voice started talking again.

'Yessss, my preccciousssss...'

Voix's hand slipped and he almost choked himselfat that comment. That said, he beat a hasty retreat out the door, grabbing his briefcase on the way while adjusting his tie.

'What, are you late or something?' The Female voice voice asked sarcastically.

Resisting the urge to scream in frustration, Voix ran to his private elevator and pounded the lobby button. Slumping against the back wall, he sighed in relief.

'You can't get away from me that easssily.' the voice hissed perturbedly

This time, Voix did scream. "WHO ARE YOU?!?!"

The voice chuckled in a hissing manner. 'Why Voix, I thought you'd never asssk. I am Sssserpente Morganissss,' It hissed condescendingly. 'But you may call me Ssssnake.'

Voix curled up in a corner of the elevator, hugging his knees and rocking back and forth. "I am not scizophrenic, I am not scizophrenic, I am not scizophrenic..." He mumbled.

The female voice returned. 'Why Snaky-chan, I think you broke him.'

Whimpering, Voix inquired of the voices desperately. "Why? Why are you doing this? Why me? Why now? Why couldn't it have been Jack from accounting, or Freddy from sales?"

Voix flinched as Snake hissed in his ear. '"Why me?" You assssk? I sssshall tell you why I chosssse you. I chosssssse you because...' At this, Voix shuddered, having felt something move closer to him, a stream of cool air blowing against his ear in rhythm to Snake's voice. 'You feeeeellll...'

As Snake hissed these words, the elevator dinged, signaling its arrival in the lobby. As soon as the doors opened, Voix dashed out with a shout of joy that died on his lips. He slowed and stopped as he stared in horror at the scene around him.

The lobby was filled with spirits. They weren't the kindly spirits that looked as human as they were in life, though. No, these were spectres, ghosts, phantoms, spooks, haunts, ethereal beings, apparitions and shades, banshees and wraiths. These were the ghosts of the past, the boogeymen in the closet, the monsters under the bed, the things that go bump in the night. They were the gruesome manifestation of the horrors of death. Cold eyes, empty eyes, no eyes, it didn't matter. They were all looking at him. Staring at him. Cold and calculating, measuring him. All manners of death surrounded him. Madness, murder, maladies. Executions, experiments, eccentricity. the silence of death reigned supreme, their ghostly blood dripping, dripping, dripping as they watched him.

Voix saw how everyone in the lobby was going to die. The desk clerk would have his head blown off during a botched bank robbery that happened while he was waiting to cash his check. The beautiful blonde checking in would be raped in an alley and then stabbed repeatedly by her attacker. She would crawlout of the alley after being left for dead and final die of blood loss just as the ambulance arrived. The doorman would have a heart attack as he was driving to his home out of the city, swerving off the road and hitting a tree. His neck would be crushed from the impact as he flew through the window and he would end up scewered on a low branch, upside-down.

Voix closed his eyes and the visions of death lingered for a moment before drifting away into the darkness. He opened his eyes again and the ghosts had disappeared to be replaced by some very concerned hotel customers and staff. "Are you alright, Mister Sanhein?" The bellhop asked.

Flinching as he remembered what he had seen, Voix stood up shakely, leaning against the wall he had backed up against in his horror-filled state. "No, no, I'm fine. I think I might have come down with a cold or something."

Kneeling down, the Blonde put her hand up to Voix's fore head after feeling her own. "You do seem a bit feverish. Do you need some help getting back to your room?"

Waving her off, Voix straightened himself as best he could. "No, I'm sure I'll be fine. Do send someone to wake me up tomorrow, won't you?"

"Sure thing, Mister Sanhein." The desk clerk replied cheerily. "I'll have Betty check on you in the morning."

Wobbling back into his private elevator, Voix hit the button for his penthouse apartment. As soon as the doors closed, he leaned back against the wall, sliding down until he was stting with his arms resting on his knees.

'You seem troubled by something.' A new voice rang out melodically.

Voix stiffened in recognition and horror. That was exactly what his fiancé used to say whenever he was feeling particularly depressed. But she died over a year ago in that horrible Flight 180 plane crash, when she was to meet him in Paris. Could it be...?

"Elena?" He whispered hopefully. "Is that you?"

'Yes, my darling voice, it is I.'

"Elena, I'm sorry, I couldn't stop it. I wish it were me who was-" Voix's ramblings were interrupted by a ghostly finger pressing against his lips.

'I know. You need to stop blaming yourself, silly.' There was a giggle in the air that lifted his spirits. 'I cannot help you with that anymore. You need to do it yourself.'

"What? But..." Voix started as he felt her presence disappear. "Wait!"

'Did you enjoy that?' Snake hissed. 'Were you thrilled to talk to her again?'

"Stop taunting me, demon!"

'Did you love the sssssound of her voice?' Snake asked, hissing.

"Stop it!"

'Did you sssssavour her ssssweet sssserendipity?'

"Please..." Voix finally broke down and started sobbing. "Just...Please, stop."

'But of coursssse...' Snake hissed delightedly. 'After all, you did ssssay pleassssse.'

The elevator dinged open and Voix stumbled out of it back to his room. Feeling hot, he loosened his tie and unbuttoned the top of his shirt. He finally made it to his room and fumbled with the key before finally unlocking his door. Tossing his sports coat and suitcase on the couch, he stumbled into the bathroom, where he relieved himself of last night's dinner.

"This is too much." he whispered, staring into the mirror. His wild hair and unkempt appearance, coupled with his sleepless eyes, gave him the appearance of a madman. As he looked on, the image of himself grinned maniacally and winked, putting a hand to the surface of the mirror. With a screech, he staggered out of the bathroom and tripped, landing on his ass.

"What the hell is that?!" He screamed in terror, jabbing his finger in the direction of the bathroom.

As he watched, the avatar of himself stepped out of the mirror. Now, however, the image had changed. It still had the maniacal grin, but the eyes were empty. Its clothes were covered in blood and its bloody hands held a dripping carving knife. It stared at him with those soulless eyes and grinned wider. It took one step toward him and he screamed and scrambled backwards until his back was against the wall. As it lifted the knife, he flinched, closing his eyes and shifting his arms so as to form a makeshift shield.

After waiting for several seconds with nothing happening, he opened his eyes again. Those leering eyes, void of any emotion, stared into his own stormy orbs of sight. He screamed again and tried to back away.

"Make it stop! Please, God, make it STOP!!!!"

At his last exclamation, the alter simply vanished. There was no trace that it had ever been there at all. Voix blinked and shivered, curling up into a fetal position. "Please...no more..."

'Ohhhh, but you haven't ssseen the finale yet...' Snake hissed again.

Eyes widened in fright, Voix leaped up. "No! No more of this! I've had enough! I know just how to be free of you." Voix began giggling madly. "Yes, I'll do it and be done with it. No more voices, No more ghosts, no more zombies, no more anything!" With an insane cackle and a cry of "FREEDOOOOOOM!!!!!," Voix turned and leapt through the closes window into thin air, trail of broken glass falling behind him.

As Voix fell to his grisly death, cackling the entire way, Snake hissed with glee. 'Yessss...freedom indeed...'

The End