I know we'll not last anymore.

Our end is near.

My end is near.

But before we part, my dear

Will you grant my last wish?

Shall we dance?

O yes! Shall we dance?


As you dance with me

Across the vast empty space

I can feel the longing. the wanting.

And as you push yourself away. from me.

I can feel you part.

slowly. sadly. with my heart.

O yes! Shall we dance?


And as you look into my eyes.

I'm falling deeper and deeper.

So, I quickly look away.

Before I hurt myself.

Because today, as I fall deeper, no one will catch me.

But the Feeling has conquered me.

I cannot help: The Feeling.

The Longing. The Wanting.

I am drawn to you. Nearer and nearer to you.

Then, everything goes dark!

I am now a prisoner of your heart.


As I look into your eyes.

I can see you part.

(away. slowly. sadly. painfully.)

with my heart..

dancing. leaping. skipping. Towards you.

The only place, where it wishes to be.

O yes! Shall we dance?


As I look into your eyes.

And as you look back across mine.

My soul is drawn to you.

It wishes to be free.

To be with your company.

My soul finds a way out.

And it travel, no dances,

from the passageway he found in my eyes,

a channel to you.

Then everything again goes dark!

Alas! I am a prisoner of your heart.


Will I ever have them back?

Will they still look for me again?

Will they ever find their way back?

Will they dance back to me again?

As our final dance end.


And as we set our final moves.

(Gracefully. Passionately.)

Across the vast empty space.

As you push yourself away. from me.

As you part. slowly. sadly. painfully.

You take them away.

Leaving me with nothing.

(even the capacity to love again.)

alone. In the dark. Grinning.


My final wish had been granted.

Alas! Your done with me.

But not I to you.

It's now time for you to leave.

And as you part.

You take them.

No! they chose to be with you.

following. dancing.

Slaves of Love and You.

Leaving me a prisoner of your heart.