The Man who Became a Shadow

His harshest of words broke through,

To the strongest of minds.

His roguish ways,

Charmed the hardest of hearts.

His selfish desires brought not ruin,

But ecstasy.

He was known by many,

Yet, known by none.

He wore many faces,

Yet, remained entirely true to himself.

He dangled many strings,

And, he danced to none.

Even a servant,

He was the master.

Even a slave,

He was the most powerful.

He followed no one,

Master of himself.

He lived a life none would lead,

And died a death most longed to die.

He was a man of mystery, a paradox,

A living example of how the truth can be a lie.

He was everything then he was nothing,

A shadow of a man, the ashes of a flame,

Once bright and burning now quenched,

His name forgotten in the recesses of time.

Who was he?

He was the man,

Who became a shadow.



He was no one.