slow suffocation

I tried to tell you once:
butterflies in glass jars are just (another
kind of) dead, those feathery wings beating out
their own mortality, a senseless hum
drowned out by the gentle push of
air in that final second before

(it's caught)

in still frames on a smudged lens
that perfect image blurred like the words
falling from your lips

in that second

I detect sunrise and sunset—
a beginning and an end in the same sentence
(you just couldn't hear it)
you're always a little too busy pulling off
those dream-tipped wings to see the logical

you said: I sell rejection but make
it sound like art; brilliant brush strokes a
camouflage against reality, Picasso-pretty
in a monochromatic mist, that soundtrack of
redundancy our mantra

repetition's just (another kind of)
silence; a plethora of lies that doesn't quite ring true
woven skillfully into a masterful seduction
you're always a little too content
spidering your tales to realize what you're

butterflies in glass jars don't last forever
those vibrant oils fade and
even echoes can forget your voice

you said: it's not quite manipulation
I never bother to correct you

baby, it's not (just) me you're lying to

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