Feelings slow, dripping

Sliding down, slipping

Away from holding, gripping

The edge, falling, downward flipping

Falls onto your shoulders, tipping

Your hat in triumph, nipping

The problem and taking a chance.

A sign across old times, taking

What you have and, raking

Up some fallen leaves, flaking

Away from the tall tall braces, aching

For the bracing branches, breaking

Off a little bit by bit, staking

Your spot 'neath the stars and hoping for the best.

Optimism making wery, hoping

For a new tomorrow that'll come on, scoping

Beyond the simple paradox, moping

Cause the petal said loves me not, sloping

Roofs leaning in toward you, doping

Scandals amidst a love, roping

In more than you can handle and leaving none for the others.

Hearts starts cracking, leaving

A good chance for you own sake, heaving

A heavy load back to home, weaving

Your life into the larger quilt, perceiving

Life to have a little guilty, achieving

The misunderstood that could withstand, deceiving

The dealer with a slipped in ace and other players cursing you.

Finding him helpless in a web of lies, cursing

Your wanting to fly high, nursing

His self-made wounds but, pursing

Lips in reach of a kiss, reimbursing

You for a lifetime of service, dispersing

The wealth amongst the friends, reversing

The deeds they have done for you. And you thank them well.