Dry Tears

Long overdue is a cry,
But what can I do when my tears are dry?

Everyday I am constantly told
Of all the "imperfections" I hold.

It's tearing me apart
And breaking my heart.

Some understand the pain
But from it what can anyone gain?

It's better if no one finds
What it is that goes on in my mind.

For you see, I laugh things off
Until I've had more than enough.

When I say how something made me feel
I'm told that it's no big deal.
Crying is no way to heal
Since I'm unable to have many enjoyable meals.

If I ever want to cry,
And no matter how hard I try,
My tears are too dry
To flow from my eye.

Is this an exaggeration,
Or an accurate observation?

I have found my ways to cope
Along with a few rays of hope.

Thankful I am to have those friends
Who are always there until the end.