Since his birth, he was expected

To do great things for the world

Become a president, or a doctor

Save lives, make everything peaceful

Pushed and forced through most of his life

He was an emotional wreck

Before he even hit his teenage years

Too much responsibility

Placed on the shoulders of a boy

He had rode it out as long as he could

But, in the end, he cracked

Rebellion and independence

Found their way into his soul

Every fiber of his being

Cried out to be freed from his chains

But he couldn't break away

No matter how hard he tried

He was stuck in his planned out life

Trapped in their fantasies and

Expectations that they had for him

Behind the perfect front he set up

For the world to see him as

He was stuck, hurt, and bitter

With no one to save him

He had to find a way out

An escape for himself

For the first time in his life

He made his own decision

A flaw in their perfect plan

The puppet had learned through the years

To think and feel for himself

So when they found his body

None were more shocked than his parents

The ones who had unknowingly

Killed their own creation