The sun fell to the earth turning a blue sky to fire. A light breeze blew causing a slow ripple to cascade across a crimson lake. He kneeled, unnoticed by the soft wind. His head remained low and lifeless even when the sound of dogs barking in the distance frightened a flock of birds from their seclusion within the trees. How he wished he could cry, yet no matter how much sorrow filled him he could not; for he was what he was. His life played before his eyes like a dull movie. Trying to make it go away he closed his eyes but that only made the images sharper. So there he was forced to kneel, on a pile of loose soil, before two pieces of wood tied together to create a standing cross.
The dogs barked once again in the distance. Then, in an even further distance, were the shouts of men. Did they hear his cries? It could not have been his wife, she made no noise. He stared out across the great lake wondering why the fire of the sky did not engulf the dark green trees that sheltered the forest. He listened to his own voice as the movie continued to play...

"Where were you?" demanded the voice of a woman. His eyes lowered to the corner of the room.
"I had to stay late at the office," he replied in a gruff voice.
"That's not what bill said..."
"Bill? When did you talk to Bill?"
"He called looking for you. He wanted to know how dinner went."
"Why would Bill call? He knew I was staying late..."
"He asked me if I liked the roses you brought me..."

His head sank to the ground in an attempt to burry it bellow the soil like an ostridge hiding from danger. He could not make it stop. Continuously it mocked him, playing in the back of his mind, laughing at him...
A dog barked not half a mile off. What would they do when they found him? Would they leave him to lay in his infinite regret? Or would they take him away, perhaps leave him in the hands of his closest family. He tried to search his mind for something to say when they reached him, but the movie engulfed all of his thoughts.

The movie was nearing its conclusion now. A hazy screen showed the two of them standing on that cliff. His wife smiled lovingly at him then wrapped her arms around him burying her head in his chest. A tear he could not see rolled down her face as he embraced her, ignorant to her lack of ignorance. The movie flickered, her expression suddenly changed and it was all over.

Two of them arrived on the beginning of that cliff. They were lead by a dog that now sat by a tree waiting for its next task. One cop turned towards the other and spoke as they walked out of the cover of the trees. "You sure this isn't some wild goose chase?"
"No," the other cop replied, "That fellow sounded rather frightened. What was his name...? Bill, that's right."
"Your friend Bill better not be messing around."
"Well he didn't seam the type to lie about a murder..." Their steps slowed as both of their eyes stared up towards scene on the cliff's edge. A single cross thrown feebly into a soft pile of soil. The sun was falling bellow the horizon and with it so did the intensity of the fire in the sky. One of the police officers strolled to the edge of the cliff to stare down into the lake. "There's the other one." A body laid face first in the lake, dead from the fall.
"I don't know who to feel sorrier for," the other cop commented as he stared at the grave, "The poor bastard for getting caught, or the poor woman for trusting him."
"All I know is that someone is gonna have to fish out that body, and it aint gonna be me."
"Fine then you're digging up this grave."
"Can't we just leave it here?"
"We need a cause of death for our buddy here, we'll have to ship him for an autopsy then give him to the family to take care of. I'm sure they'll want a proper ceremony. Who would have thought, killed for taking a pretty girl out to dinner and buying her a couple of roses..."
"That's why you don't get caught...." chuckled the other man.