Love in Disguise

Chapter One

Day one of realizing I'm jinxed!

He is sooo annoying! He pulls my long, braided, dark brown hair when our teacher's not looking, grabs pens, blows chalk dust towards my face, ties my shoelace on one of the chair's leg, pours soda drinks on my neatly pressed clothes and all the many other things that you could ever imagine being done by a seven year old.

But the only thing is... he's not even seven years old. He has grown seven years more than that and he is my worst enemy. Worst enemy since my parents would say 'He's just a little boy. He doesn't know what he's doing. And my innocent mind would say 'That's unfair! Isn't I little too? and I'm a girl!'. Anyway, (No offense to some boys out there) doesn't girls deserve to be more favored than boys?

Yeah, you would be the unluckiest person on this planet if you happen to land with parents like mine. But life is too short to think of that thing while a more heavy subject is at your back already. In my case... Adrian.

Come to think of that! We've been enemies for seven long years. Huh! This time, no one but me and Adrian knows that we hate each other or else I'd end up hearing from my parents 'Just don't mind him'. You're just over-reacting that incident to get our attention. That was what they said on my fifth grade when that Adrian tried to put chewing gum on my skirt but failed to do it because our science teacher caught him and put him into detention.

I don't know if I am really jinxed with all the years I've been in the same class with him. Of the four classes each year level our school has, Why do I always find him in the same class with me?

This year, I woke up and realized and knew that Adrian and I are destined to be like this.

Especially on a first day of school with the chatting, laughing here and there, greeting old classmates and non-stop asking where you bought that new bag, what brand your shoes are, a vacation to some rare and expensive white sand beach, and the giggling and finding out that that cute crush of yours happens to be your classmate.

I did not do any of those things as I was seriously searching for Adrian like he's the falcon and I'm his brave prey.

Seeing the coast was clear, I checked my class list posted at the bulletin board.

Last on the girl's column was my name.

And whatever you do when you find out that that cute hunk you wanted to have a date with happened to be your classmate is surely opposite to how I reacted when I found my worst enemy, Adrian's name on the boy's column.

I rolled my eyes, though I really expected Adrian to be my classmate.

When I looked back at the class list, I saw a finger pointing at Adrian Chadler Winters and when I looked at it's owner (which I very much wished I haven't), I saw him smirking.

Classmates again, aren't we? he said and he pointed at Bonnie Abygaiel Zaderby at the class list. So we're in the star section, with the cream of the crop students, he added arrogantly when I didn't say anything.

I eyed him before saying "So what?"

"So what?" he mimicked me. "Is that all you can say?"

"Don't start with me, okay. It's the first day," I irritatingly replied.

'Oh... right," he said, looking as if he was disappointed. "What about tomorrow, then? Tomorrow's not the first day because it's the second day," he addressed me as if I was a three year old.

It made my blood boil more.

"Shut up and leave me alone Adrian!"

His smirk more widened. "Fine! See you then, Classmate."

Before I could even think of a retort to the exaggeration of the word, Adrian walked away. Then suddenly, the bell rang and the students hurried here and there to go to their respective classrooms.

Everyone was silent as I entered my- our first period classroom. As soon as I took a seat on the first row, I understood now why it was deafeningly quiet.

There was a teacher checking the class list and she was staring at every name like she'll make it vanish right before her very eyes.

After that, she assigned us to our different seats. I never liked teachers making their own seat plans. I want to sit where I want to sit, 'but that's against my class rules,' she told us with her squeaky voice.

So I was assigned on the fourth seat on the third row and Adrian was a good distance away from me. Now I could concentrate better and breathe.

I never talked to any of the students around me as I savored the moment. I mean, I was Adrian-free. Maybe I wasn't so unlucky after all...

Later, a pretty girl with an off-shoulder blond hair, beside me raised her hand.

"Can I transfer, Miss? I can't see the white board clearly."

"Where would you like to sit?"

"Somewhere near the front."

Well okay, for a minute there, I thought I want to befriend Blondine- now I remember her name. We might become best friends and sip lemonade while lying on lilos and sharing our deep secrets with one another but whatever... but since she's transferring to a different seat, it would be quite impossible. Anyway, what parents name their blonde daughters Blondine? As if they couldn't get over their daughter's hair-

"Mr. Winters, would you kindly switch places with Ms. Lonni."


I nearly fainted when he obediently stood up and got all his things. Adrian winked at me as he sat down Blondine's former seat.

He mouthed "With pleasure" as he turned his head and smirked at me.

I clenched my fist and thought of any excuse to tell Miss Kaye just so I can transfer to another seat, just to stay away from Adrian...

But I couldn't think of any.

I could just think of another year of chaos with him.

Another year of hunting for my things as Adrian gathers them and leaves a trail for me to follow to my doom. But... Of course I wasn't going to allow that to happen to me, was I?. I mean, I'm fourteen! I'm never going to let my childhood enemy ruin me for the rest of my life, do I? And Adrian? He's just a... a single thorn in my bed of roses, a cumulus cloud in my clear sky, a-

Before I ran out of analogies, I was disturbed from my thoughts when the bell rang again.

"See you, Bonnie!" Adrian's voice made me jump. "Is that a gum?" He added as he eyed my new pink skirt. I followed his gaze and breathed a sigh of relief as I realized that he's teasing me again.

I didn't say anything as I rose from my seat and snubbed at him. I never looked back at him. Heck, if anyone would know better, I was avoiding him! And I have done well at it. I succeeded! I'm going to do this until he gets tired of annoying me.

At least that's the plan... but who would have thought I wasn't going to follow it?