This Is The Life

This is the life of me
This is the life no one sees

This life ain't so peachy-keen

the life of being mean or getting mean

This is the life of my

The life that will never be

Stepped on and pushed around

Beat up and brought to the ground

Everyday going by slowly

Just looking for some one to hold me

A tear from my eye...

So willing to die...

Always asking "Why?"

Why, Why, Why...?

They say that the one who makes everyone happy is really sad inside

I sit back and think "Is that really true?"

In my life, it is; Everyone I make happy doesn't even stand by my side

Now I hate it when some one acts depressed out of the blue

This is the life of me...

The life of the unheard and unseen

Here I sit, alone in a dark corner

As people stare asking "What the fuck is wrong with her?"

This is the life of me

Mood swings from nice to mean

The blank look on my face hides the emotion

No smile, no frown, no sign of devotion

All this shit going on...

You must wonder how I live from dusk to dawn,

Without sheding a damn tear of killing myself

I hold onto a small thin thread, no one even there to help

This is the life of me; this is how I live it...