I've been working on this story for a while, I hope it's as good as I think it is. Just to avoid confusion, at first the story will be told from one of the main character's point of view, then tords the end will be third person's POV. Now on with the story! ENJOY! :)

Chap 1: In the Beginning

I stood there on the runway shivering as a cold breeze came over me. I looked up at the high ledge, with the pink, twilight sky showing behind it, till finally I saw what I was waiting for. He jumped his motorcycle off the ramp and stuck his sword out and slid it in along the tower as he flew in mid-air. The tower exploded behind him when he took his sword out. He landed his motorcycle directly in front of me.

"How was that?" he asked tacking his helmet off letting some of his red hair fall in front of his face.

"Great, 'cept now we have the cops on our tails!" I gave a sarcastic remark.

"Hop on!" I hopped on the back of his motorcycle and clutched my arms around his stomach.

'You promised me Kyo!'

I soon heard cop cars catching up to us from behind. "See I told you!"

"Hold on!" He hit the gas harder making us go ten times faster then we already were. I clutched on to him tighter trying not to get dizzy from how fast we were going. He soon whipped us around and into an alley way. We sat quietly until the cops passed us.

"Now that wasn't so bad now was it?" I shot him a look of death. "What!?"

"No it was fine, till the I started to feel sick!"

"Ya know, you worry to much."

"Oh hush," I pushed him jokingly. We climbed up an old rusted ladder until we reached the top of an old broken down building where all our friends were.

"How'd it go?" Our friend Haku asked.

"The mission was a success!" Kyo yelled waving his arms in the air happily.

"Well, that's one down, and a thousand left to go…" Milly tried to squash our enthusiasm.

"Aw, we'll get 'em all!" I tried to cheer everyone up.

You see, these are all my friends, Haku, Milly, Chihira, Kyo, and Kyo's cousin, Shiloh, and my names Kit. This place is called the Boulavard, some maniac named Kayako has control over it. He was able to get a hold of this material called Geon, which is the source of our planet. They say if you get within even one mile of the stuff, it'll kill you immedietly. I have no idea how he can possibly get it though.

There's also a legend saying that a long time ago, probably when I was really little, he would take children from cities and villages and test Geon on them. Some kids would just die, some would get sick and die very slowly, and some…well maybe it's just best not to say. But they say there was one kid who would be tested with so much of the Geon, that instead of dying, he just got stronger. So they would just keep on testing him.

But one day they tested him with a new kind of Geon, never tested on anyone else. Something happened to him, but no one knows for sure what it was. They say he died that day, and was never seen again. Now that crazy Kayako put towers up around here to drain out more Geon, but it's up to me and my friends to destroy those towers.

"Hey it's getting late we'd better head back home," Chihira pointed out, we all agreed.

We live in a place not to far called Sky City, everything there is sort of futuristic. We went over to the edge of the Boulevard and grabbed our hover boards, told ya it was futuristic. Then we jetted on over to the City.

"See ya guys tomorrow" Chihiro and Milly waved goodbye.


"Adios!" Haku and Shiloh went home. Shiloh, Haku and Kyo bunk together since all three of them are orphaned. Shiloh's parents abandoned him when he was young. Haku's father went missing a long time ago, and his mom is in jail. Both of Kyo's parents died when he was little, he can't really remember much of his dad. However, he remembers a little about his mom, and how she died.

"Not so fast red head!" I called to Kyo as I grabbed his wrist before he went to join the boys.


"I wanna to talk to you." We went over to one of the central towers, which was high above the city. We sat at the top, letting our feet dangle over the edge.

"Ain't the view great from up here?" I asked Kyo. He nodded. We sat there for a couple of minutes just looking out at the view, I didn't mind it really…

"So what did you want to talk about?"

"Just a promise…"

"Here we go!" Kyo leaned back, knowing what I was going to say.

"You promise you'll take me tomorrow?"

"Yes, yes I promise." Along time ago me and Kyo grew up together when we were young. We soon fell in love and Kyo promised we'd always be together. Though as time went on, a war broke out and soon we were separated from each other. A few years later Kyo came back, saying that he wanted to go find the fabled Paradise. We had heard stories about it when we were kids, but never thought about going there.

So now tomorrow was the day we were setting out for it, and now I hold him to this promise to make up for the one he broke when we were kids. The gang is going to handle the Geon towers till we come back for them and take them to Paradise too. With all the Geon that's being drained, this planet might die soon, so we have to find a way out fast. We hope Paradise might be our escape.

"Hey, Kyo, just promise me one more thing."

"What now?" he teased.

"Promise, no matter what, you won't lose that big smile of yours?"

"Sure, no matter what, I won't change…" he gave me the biggest and probably the cheesiest grin he could.

"Well we better head home." I nodded and we went our separate ways, getting ready for tomorrow.

'You promised…'

The Next Day…

"Where is he!?" I went up to Shiloh with a death glare in my eye.

"Kyo? He left already, I thought you were with him."

"Ugh, he left without me, well looks like I gotta go catch up with him and kick his butt!"

"K, You'll come back, right?" Milly looked at me wide eyed.

"Yup, well, see ya guys around!" I yelled waving good bye to them.

"Bye, see ya soon!" They all yelled back. So now I was off, to find Paradise, and now Kyo. But as I left the city, an uneasy feeling came over me, like something was about to happen on this trip, but what it was, I wasn't sure.

'You promised Kyo, all of us, even her. You can't turn on a promise like that.'

'Kyo, this one will stay here ……waiting pa…'

'Kit, Kai………pro…………where………till the en………w what………'

1 Year Later…

"The mad killer is still at large. Just a few hours ago the village of Kumba was attacked, witnesses say he was so fast, no knew what was coming. Still no word if there were any survivors. Attacks like this have been going on since…'

Kit sighed as she turned the TV off. She sat there on the bed of an old, dimly lit hotel room. She slid off the edge of the bed and grabbed a picture off the table next to it. She went over and sat in front of an open window.

"'They say that Paradise is what everyone dreams about. But the road to get there is paved with blood, no one has ever made it there alive' Kyo, what were we thinking when we decided to go there?" Kit whispered to herself. The picture slowly flew out of her hands, out the window, and into the cool night air.

That's all for now, what'd ya think? Just so you know Kyo is pronounced (Kai-o), and more stuff dealing with Kayako will come up again later in the story, put up next chap soon! Till then, CYA!