The Lights are on in Chicago
The Unforgettable Sound
Rating: R
Summary: Sequel to The Light on the Blade. Being sixteen when they adopted Tim, he'd
already grown a personality and attitude. A bad one at that. But someone wants to try to 'fix' him. Slash, M/M.

I'd like to inform you of a few things before you read this. One-there's more sex than LOTB. Two-Nothing in the first chapter iswhat you'd call…long-term…coughtiffanycough Three-Derek and Liam are not the main character. Tim is. Although Derek and Liam are in the story…it kind of flips back and forth between Tim and Derek/Liam.


"TIM!" he groaned, rolling off of his bed. There was a loud thump followed by more groaning as he hit the floor. "GET UP!! You're going to miss your bus!"

"ALRIGHT, Derek, I'm up!" he called back. He stood up and looked at himself in the mirror. Without a shirt on, Tim looked pretty bad. He had bruises from his last fist fight with this guy at school--some guy named Kelly. There were cuts from his knife, too.

This fight reminded him of something. "DEREK, YOU ASSHOLE! I'M SUSPENDED! I DON'T GO TO SCHOOL WHEN I'M SUSPENDED!"

Derek opened his bedroom door. "It'd be wise to stop calling your adoptive father an asshole, Tim,"

"Wow, for a faggot you've got a backbone,"

"You're grounded for three weeks. Have fun at home," Derek left the room. Raising a child was harder than he thought.

"Go easy on him, why don't you? He's just a kid, Derek," Liam said, kissing him. "You weren't much different--you'd bite off someone's head at a question..."

Derek raised an eyebrow. "I did not!"

"Did too,"



"Shut the hell up," Tim said as he walked towards the bathroom.

"Snappy little fella, isn't he?" Liam said, amused. Derek groaned.

"Was I really like that?"

"Yeah, you were,"

"God...No wonder my parents were the way they were..."

Liam let out a light laugh. Derek had finally gotten over his past, finally able to talk about it without freaking out. He'd given up a lot of things to please Liam, smoking, cutting, and being pissed at God included. Liam was proud of his boyfriend.

"I really wonder why he's such an ass, though...What makes him spark up like that," Derek answered.

"Who knows?"

Meanwhile, Tim was getting ready. For what, you ask, if he was grounded? Well, being a "bad boy" he was going to sneak out to see his girlfriend. Yes, girlfriend. What, you expected him to be gay? Why, I think Tim should be offended!"

Anyway, when Derek and Liam left to go to work, he called his girlfriend, Tiffany.

"Sweetheart, how are you?"

"Wonderful, meet me out by the oak tree in the park?"

"Of course, I'll sneak out between class periods. Be there in twenty minutes,"

"Love you,"

"I love you, too, bye,"

Tim finished getting ready and left. He hid in the oak tree until he spotted his girlfriend.

"Hey...You're such a man, climbing that oak tree...It's getting me more turned on than I've ever been..." Tiffany said, looking at her boyfriend seductively. He felt himself getting a hard-on slowly and climbed down before it would be too painful.

"Sex, then?"

"Of course," Tiffany linked her arm with Tim's, and he lead the way to their meeting place in the woods.

scene change

Derek moaned as he noticed Tim's window open when he got home that evening. He snuck out again...