The Lights are on in Chicago

The Unforgettable Sound

Rating: R

Summary: Sequel to The Light on the Blade. Takes place seven years after LOTB. Derek and Liam have adopted a child, Timothy. Being sixteen when they adopted him, he'd already grown a personality and attitude. A bad one at that. But someone wants to try to 'fix' him. Slash, M/M.

Liam wandered around until he finally found a room with 'Derek Sanders' written on a card and placed in a frame like box.

He sighed, hearing the beep of the heart monitor, and pushed open the door. Derek was lying there, asleep, a nurse putting something in his arm.

"Oh! You scared me!" she said, obviously alarmed. She smiled at Liam before going back to Derek. "So, are you related to Derek?"

"Well...I suppose we would be....If we had the power to marry. I'm his boyfriend, Liam," he returned her smile.

"How long have you been dating?" she asked. Liam coughed a bit.

"Since we were 17," he answered. The nurse smiled again.

"That's sweet...You two make a cute couple," she patted Derek's arm. "He should be up momentarily," she said, knowing Liam was about to ask it.

"Oh, thank you," he said, sitting down in the chair next to Derek's bed. The nurse waved at him as she left Derek's room and closed the door.

"God, she's fucking annoying," came Derek's low voice. Liam smiled as he heard it.


"She sings Shania Twain while she's in here and thinks I'm asleep..." he replied hoarsely. He turned to look at his boyfriend. "Hey,"

"Hi," he whispered. He stood up cautiously. "How're you feeling?"

"Not bad for being in a hospital...Any idea when I'm getting out of here?" Derek asked, looking up at Liam.

"I have no idea..." he answered and swallowed. "I...Your doctor kissed me,"

"Mmm....Yeah? Did you like it?"

Liam stared at him. "What?! Of course not! He's not my boyfriend, you are! Not to mention he tasted like garlic and I don't like garlic, and he kind of hurt my lips..."

"He kissed me too, right after I got out of surgery and was awake..." Derek admitted, shrugging it off. "Didn't matter though....He's fucking ugly, and definately nothing like you..."

"What?! You kissed another man, Derek! What the hell!" Liam was a little upset about the kiss, if it wasn't obvious.

"Actually, I'll bet it wasn't a man...I have this theory that he's got a vagina..." he said thoughtfully. "Liam, I don't know why it's such a big deal..I didn't like it, you didn't like it, you're still the man I fell in love with, and...I don't plan on leaving you," Derek said, taking Liam's hand and kissing it.

"God...I don't know what I'd do without you," Liam replied, sighing. "I love you so much,"

Derek smiled. "I love you, too,"

Two and a half weeks later, the hospital let Derek out in a wheelchair. Tim was let out a week before and Liam let him spend the last few days at Seth's.

Liam helped Derek out of the car and into the house. Derek 'rolled' on his own from them, smiling seductively at Liam before taking his hand and bringing his boyfriend to their bedroom.

"Derek..." Liam answered in between kisses from Derek. He managed to throw Liam on the bed and get on top of his boyfriend without any help. "You've got two bullet injuries..."

"Yeah, and I'm on such heavy painkillers that I feel amazing..." he whispered, unbuttoning Liam's pants.

Liam gasped and shuddered as Derek's hands touched where they hadn't touched for quite awhile. He missed the soft feeling of his boyfriends hands, the loving touch...

He forgot how much he liked it.

"Derek..." he whispered. Derek smiled as he got the reaction he wanted and kissed Liam again.

They awoke a few hours later, Tim moaning in the next room. Derek grinned at Liam before asking for help getting dressed and into his wheelchair.

By the time they finished, the moaning had stopped, and it was silent. Derek wheeled out of their room, eyes searching the living room. "Well, at least he was smart enough to take it into his bedroom..." he mumbled, turning around to face Liam.

"I'm not used to looking down at you, you know," he said with a smile. Derek rolled his eyes before his smile slipped through as well. "I love you,"

"Love you too...Is there any food in this place or what?"