He was cold. He had been walking in the middle of the road, in the Brisk December air for nearly an hour. He was heading down to Miami, but the thing was… he was in Nashville. Not only was it cold, it was dark too, so dark that he could barely see his shuffling feet, partly because of the Gnarled dead trees that surrounded him, and partly because it was the new moon made all illumination in the sky vanish. He shivered a bit and hugged himselfto stay warm. He continued to walk down the endlessly dark road, shifting his bag from shoulder to shoulder a few times, thinking to himself how nice it would be to get a ride. Just as he reached for one of the cigarettes in his pocket, he saw flashlights closing in from behind him, and ambled to the side of the road, that way he wouldn't be in the drivers way and at the same time hoping they'd stop to pick him up because of the desperate condition his feet were in. Danny was about 6'2", with shoulder length black hair and emerald green eyes that glistened in the headlights, the car rolled to a stop. The driver rolled down the window and, to his surprise, the driver was quite handsome.

"Where are you headed?" The driver questioned Danny with a genuine southern accent.

"Uh… Actually, to Miami," Danny replied kindly.

"No shit? That's kind of creepy. I'm headed to Miami too!" He laughed. "Hop in."

Danny rushed to the passengers happily and hopped in, and sat on the leather car seat, thrilled that he would no longer be abusing his feet.

"Gee thanksMy name is Danny, by the way," Danny responded extending his shivering hand for the man to shake.

"Danny? Haven't heard that name in awhile, it sounds kind of good though." The man smiled"Mine's Theo."

"Well Theo, thanks a lot for the ride." Danny chuckled, "So whatare you doing, taking the back roads?"

"No cops on the back road…" Theo answered

Danny's blood ran cold.

"Why 'no cops'?" Danny looked at him, startled. Theo grinned back.

"So I can speed of course." Theo Grinned feverishly.

Danny shifted his vision to the speedometer and they were, in fact, going about 12 miles over the speed limit.

"Man, I thought you were gonna be one of those creepy guys you always hear about." Danny snickered at his own misunderstanding.

"Ha, naw, I'm not a creep." Theo smirked keeping his eyes on the road. Danny looked at him. He had soft brown eyes and medium brown hair that curled in little tuffs around his neck and behind his ears. Danny must have been staring at him like that for some time, because soon Theo noticed.

"Do I got something on my face?" Theo asked briskly, rubbing one of his hands on the stubble on his chin. Danny jumped, a little embarrassed that he'd noticed him staring.

"No! You don't! I was… uh," Danny stuttered.

"Ha, it's alrightYou can stare at me all you want." Theo chuckled, sounding as though he were flattered. "If you're tired, you can go to sleep," Theo said to Danny, once again keeping his eyes on the road. Danny was a little tired, no he was very tired. He thought he must look Bushed and that was why Theo brought it to his attention.

"Yeah, maybe I will take a snooze…" he yawned, almost dozing off. He rested his head on the window, which nipped at him when he had first set his cheek on it, then turned warm from his own body heat and mad it easy for him to fall asleep.

Danny was jarred awake. He snapped open his eyes and looked around. The car had come to a stop in the middle of nowhere. Theo had his head out of the window.

"Shit," Theo cursed, "I'm sorry, did I wake you up?"

"No… What happened?" Danny asked. It was bright out now and still quite frosty.

"I got a flat tire," Theo said, lighting up a cigarette and sniffing from his snow induced runny nose. "You know how to change one?" he asked Danny.

"Um… I don't know…" Danny responded cautiously.

"Aw, that's alright. I'll give it a go," Theo sighed, climbing out of the car and stretching out his limbs, probably examining the work cut out for him. Danny tried stepping out as well, but he had some trouble with the door, so Theo had to come over and open it for him. The two worked on the tire for a while first, it took about an hour to get the old tire off, and then it took another hour to get the new tire on. All together, they had wasted about 2 and a half of an hour on the problem. The two climbed back in the car both sported red noses and red ears.

"Well that was interesting… good thing it wasn't night. That would have called for a pit stop…" Theo laughed. Danny sighed.

"Hey man, don't sound so pissed…" Theo said with a dominant tone in his voice.

"I didn't mean to…" Danny began.

"I'll have to teach you a lesson if you get pissy again," Theo leered at him. Danny shook, Theo was creepy.

"Teach me a lesson?" Danny inquired, but Theo started the car, which made a loud sputtering sound that covered his words. Now Danny was a little nervous; Theo was looking strait ahead once again, but now he had this twisted smile on his unshaven face. Once again, Danny was staring at him; that man down right creeped him out. Theo looked over at him, the grin still on his face.

"Oh, you were looking at me again? I know what you're thinking though, your thinking 'damn this man is a goddamn freak!' Well guess what… I just might be!" Theo cackled, speeding up some more. Danny reached for the door handle; if Theo tried anything funny he'd tuck and roll. Theo realized this though, and laughed.

"You remember? That door doesn't open from the inside… if I snap you're screwed!" Theo laughed excitedly, nudging Danny with his elbow.

"Lucky for you, I'm just a nymphomaniac! I won't kill ya." Theo retorted laughing still then setting his hand on Danny's quivering leg and slowly rubbing it. Danny's eyes grew wide and he shoved thehand off of his leg. Theo slammed on the brakes angrily and turned to face Danny.

"Did you just shove me? Danny man, you owe meGas sure as hell isn't cheap!" Theo threatened, unbuckling himself from the seat. "And something like this isn't all that bad. Am I an ugly man?" Theo said, getting closer to Danny.

"No I mean… It's just…" Danny backed up and frisked for the door handle as Theo advanced. Theo grabbed Danny's face and brought his face so close to Danny's that their noses touched. Danny shivered and bit his Cracked lips. Theo slowly got closer and soon their lips touched. Danny struggled all he could, but Theo soon had hold of his hands. He forced his tongue into Danny's mouth, it was so slippery and warm, it made Danny cough. It felt so wrong to him, but if it felt so wrong… why was it arousing him? He made slight moaning noises and Theo stopped. Danny looked at him with wide eyes.

"What the—" Danny began, but Theo threw him in the back seat almost violently and with no trouble at all hopped over the seat himself and on top of Danny.

"No…" Danny said, and Theo laughed, unbuttoning Ripped white washed jeans, then proceeding to remove Danny's black sweater.

"Theo stop… don't!" Danny shouted, struggling in an attempt to get away from Theo. Theo laughed and licked Danny's shaking, thin chest then turned him on his stomach.

"Don't worry, it'll only hurt a little at first, then you'll probably start to like it." Theo mocked, pulling down Danny's pants too now. Danny swallowed hard and whimpered quietly trying to resist but being overwhelmed by Theo's body.

Theo had done it. He had completely robbed Danny of his virginity and Danny had screamed through every minute of it. Theo had laughed and thrusted harder and faster. With the final orgasm Theo laid on Danny's back and whispered in his ear: "See what happens when you get pissy?" He grinned furiously and got off of Danny, then pulled him back to the front seat and started the car.