A/N Okay peoples, this is my first one in a really long time so play nice. Any type of comment is appreciated. For those who read my story Demon Child, it will no longer be continued to be written unless I decide whether or not it is really as immoral as I think it is. So here it goes

I wrap my arms around you

In Sympathy

In Empathy

I hold onto you tight

In understanding

So don't forget me

I hang onto your every word

I'm listening

So tell me

I'm a closed book to others

I'm opening

So trust me

I let the tears escape only in privacy

I'm watching

So show me

How can I help you?

I can help

If you let me

Because watching you fall apart

It gets to me

Don't you see me?

Is tearing me apart

Right here at the heart

To see you crying

You're stronger than me

Makes me realize

Makes me see

You're apart of me and it tears me apart watching you fall apart