It's been years. Literally.

We stopped writing to this story long ago, but I've always held the characters close to my heart. Recently, I started missing this work, and I have decided to rework the story. The basic premise is the same, but many of the details are much different. I know a lot of the original writing was rough, immature, and filled with stereotypes. I know the characters were extremely bipolar. I'm hoping that I have acquired enough talent as a writer to fix all those things.

Also, this story is in a different form. This is shoebox writing, where your main character finds a shoebox filled with things from his past (photos, notes, journal entries, etc) and, in the process of going through these things, uncovers the memories that go along with them. The story unfolds through those memories.

This version of August will not be held on fictionpress, solely because I need to include photos and text in different fonts. It is available on livejournal (http:// jessicachase. livejournal. com [just remove the spaces. I can't give the link otherwise!]). Please remember that on livejournal, you must read from the bottom up, since the most recent post is presented first in the journal. Feel free to leave comments on the entries! I would appreciate your feedback!

Also, I'm looking for an artist that would like to sketch the photos that August finds in the shoebox. If you're interested, you can leave me a comment on livejournal or on this fictionpress entry.

I don't know if you guys still remember this story or still care at all. But if you do, I'd like you to know it's available!