You guess I'm really
messed up inside
but how would you know
for I like to hide

So many answers
don't ask me why
I'm just who I am
don't bother to try

Comprehend my creation
the pieces may crumble
what, you don't get it
I know I don't mumble

Discover my silence
imperfection in motion
I say way too damn much
without all the commotion

Live inbetween lines
can you see the connection
dare to ask me again
you are under inspection

Rarely do I let
just anyone in
but the pattern is there
to find where I begin

Within my mind
chaos may reign
but who's to say
how I sow my stain

Ink sinks like blood
seeps into the grain
are these all my thoughts
how can you ascertain

Maybe these words
are who I happen to be
if you are clever
you heard my plea

If you don't care
then view this with salt
if you don't catch it
its not my fault

You, who are trapped
beneath your own dread
it's that perception
that leaves me ahead

So take a step back
read me once more
and take in the knowledge
you just tried to ignore