A/N Hey everybody, it's me again. I was digging through my papers and found a few things so I decided to give out a few pieces of my heart.

I hope she's not chlosterphobic

Because I'm stuffing her into a box

I'm putting her under key and lock

I never want to see her face again

This is how it ends

She can't control me anymore

I'm ready

I've got something worth fighting for

I'm ready to stand up and fight

I'm no longer her

I'm no longer weak

I'm ready to get up and fight

They can't hurt me anymore

I used to sit and take this abuse

Completely show my hurt

Not anymore

After everything, I'm willing to battle

I'll give her a fight that will make her teeth rattle

Wait…And now I realize

I can see

The weak one I'm defending

And the one I'm fighting against

Is one and the same

Is me