If I could have just one wish

Anything at all in the world

I would want to go back

To that one moment that we shared

Lying together on your couch

I can't recall the color

But it isn't very important

We were in your basement

Watching a movie of some sort

I don't remember which film

But that isn't really relevant

The time of day isn't coming

To me, either, but again

I hardly think it matters

We were both wearing clothes

What exactly isn't significant

What does make a difference

Was the two of us

My head of your shoulder

As you idly twirled my hair

Around your finger

Your scent, so comforting

Your embrace, keeping me safe

Nothing could hurt us

Or break us apart

In that moment, I swear

We were simply perfect

And I had no way of knowing

That one month later, you'd be gone

I wouldn't be able to lie against you

Or feel that blissful calm

That only you could create

One month later, we'd be "just friends"

But in reality, you'd barely even look at me

Let alone have a conversation

So if I'm ever given the chance

To have just one wish come true

I'd go back, to that perfect moment

And put life on pause forever

So that I'd be with you always

If only in my dreams