The Number One Thing I Need To Improve My Life

The number one thing I need most to improve the quality of life is a unicorn. She would be purple, with red leather wings, and crystal clear blue eyes. She would have the ability to breathe fire out her nostrils, also these following abilities: strength, invisibility, and flight. Not to mention, her ability to talk.

Every word spoken by her would drip with hate, death, pain, broken hearts, and death. In short she would be a creature spurned from the underworld, born from black hearts, and pure evil. Her presence means chaos, and world destruction.

Her name is Misty. Due to her relentless evil nature and tendency towards world decimation, I would have to kill her. It would be very easy to locate her after she flies away. I would only need to follow the trail of destruction. With the magic slingshot of lead I would defeat Misty after a long (two days most likely) battle. After the TV coverage of the battle, the interviews with television stations, interviews with the newspapers/ magazines, and the movie (featuring me of course), I would be a celebrity. The movie would be very popular, earning me millions. Being rich, school would no longer be necessary, which as implied means no more Standardized Testing.

Residing in a mansion in Kauai, there would only be a few things left to do. Any part of Misty that I do not eat will be donated to science. Of course when I am cutting her apart I will be surprised by the numerous gold coins in Misty's stomach. Rich as I am, I will generously give the money to charities world wide.

After my many televised acts of heroism, the world will undoubtedly think I am the coolest person ever. Since all of the countries leaders from all corners of the globe agree on this as an unchangeable fact they will see that they have much in common, and work together. With the countries leaders working together, Earth will enter a golden age of prosperity and joy.

In the end, although her intentions were evil, Misty the unicorn improved quality of life for everyone.