I met this girl last night, on the
Terrace in the wind.
She had hating
On her mind and the
Rosary between her breasts.The beads
Dropped with the scattered petals
Of the flowers she killed.

A minute we didn't talk at all (she smelled like
cigarettes and yesterday) and then she cried
And spilled her heart over hands into
all of it.

Onto, rolling on the ground her
Spirit gave me a lead to a Bound.
Two to five, we sat
And stared at the sun, as the
Gusts push it down into the ocean (greenbluegrey)

She said she wanted to
Swim away from the city
and I lent her raft, saw her splash
Through the sand and come
Back to me.

Couldn't swim, so
Again to the porch dripping
With seashells and lamplight.

"why so sad, lovely?"

She found an umbrella and
stood in the sunshine
(reflected rod thin as her wrists)


a.a. anyone else feel dodgy? by the way, this is a sort of short series of poems, until I run out of unrelated things to string together.