Short Story

I Wasn't Ready

I wasn't ready! (Where?) Hey! Did you just asked where? Well, actually I'm not ready for our first date. You see my crush invited me to go out with him tomorrow. (How did he ask you?) What you want to know how did he asked me?! Well, ok I'll tell you.

I was about to go in the library until my crush, Daniel, talk to me. "Jasmine, can I talk to you in privite?" he said while his face is turning to red. I was really happy because I always wish that someday he will talk to me in privite. "Sure." I said while my face is turning to red, too. We go somewhere that nobody can see us. I was really happy but I wonder why he wants to talk to me. When we are alone, his face is turning to red again. "Jasmine, will you go out with me. Like a date." he said. I was surprise! I can't believe it! I ask myself, "Could it be? No, this must be a dream. I f this is really a dream then I don't want to woke up." Then I said with full of joy, "Sure!" "Good! Then it's 8:00 in the morning at the park, tomorrow." He said while he was fading away.

That's what happens. Oh! I'm not ready! I always asked myself, "Why he wants to date with me? Why? Why? Why?" But I was really happy! Aaahhhh! (Hey, what dress you will wear tomorrow?) Hey, did you just ask what will I wear tomorrow? Well, my dress is simple. I don't like the other girls that wear short skirt and short T-shirt.I want to be a simple girl. Well, I'll going to sleep now. Goodnight.

7:30 in the morning (What's happening?)

Oh! No! I'm going to be late. Oh, hi, I'm sorry because I'm in a big rush. Oh! I have to take a bath.

10 minutes later………….

"Oh! No! I'm going to be late." I said while I wearing the dress. After that I comb my hair and I prepare myself.

I go down and I fell in the stair. He….he…..he…

I run as fast as I could. Later on, I have reached the park. He is not there yet. So I sit for a while. While waiting for him, I ask myself, "Why? I wasn't ready. I'm not ready for our first date. What if he proposes to me? I'm not ready to be a mother. Why he want to date with me? Why? Why?"

Later on, I saw him. He was running. Then he stops. "I'm sorry; I wake up at 7:00. I'm sorry." he gasps. I smile and said, "What a coincidence? I also wake up at 7:00. He…….he…….he……" He smile and said, "Let's go." I also smile and said, "Ok." "Jasmine, can I hold your hand while walking?" he said while his face is turning to red. "Well, ok." I said while my face is turning to red, too. Then we start walking.

It's a nice day. The sun was shining happily. The birds are singing. Oh………….. (Hey, what you look like and Daniel, too?) What? You want to know what I'm look like and him? Well, my hair is long curly pink hair. My eyes are royal blue. Well, my height is 5'0" and my weight is 30 kg. Oh! My dress is red T-shirt with mark "I'm cute No shit" and I don't wear a skirt, I wear my blue pant. Well, Daniel's hair is orange. His eyes are reddish- brown. His height is 5'6" and his weight 50 kg. Wow! He wears a yellow T-shirt with a red polo.

We went to a resturant. We eat spaghetti and cake, too.

Then we go to the sea. The sea was so beautiful. Then we buy an ice cream. I'm very happy to day.

After the date, he asked, "Jasmine, can I walk you home."

"Well, ok." I said. He still holds my hand while walking. Oh! This is so romantic. In our home, before we say goodbye each other, he said something that really surprise me. (What he said?) What you want to know? Well, ok. He said, "Jasmine, the truth is I love you, Jasmine." And I said, "I love you, too, Daniel." He was very happy and me, too.

Then he asked if he can enter to my house and I allow him.

I wasn't ready! (Where?) I'm not ready to our relationship. What if he kisses me? I'm not ready for that! (What happen then?)

What you want to know what happen. Well, ok.

While we watching television, he asked me, "Jasmine, can you be my girlfriend?" I was surprise. "Ok, I will be your girlfriend." I said happily. Then he kissed me.

That's what happens. Well, this is the end of my story. (What!!!) Bye. He……..he………he…….

Thank you for reading. I hope you like it.