The man was standing right outside the bar, watching the men and women go inside. He watched as the guard outside turned under ages away, and threw out fight-starters. He was pretty large, muscles bulging in his arms, his chest spanning as long as his shoulders. While the man watched, he lit a cigarette, and took a drag.

"Have you got one I could have?" The man turned around slowly, and saw a girl behind him, staring. She looked twenty at most.

"Depends, how old are you?" He asked. The girl smiled.

"Nineteen." She replied. The man stared at her eyes, watching them quiver as she said the number, a clear sign of lying. The man laughed and drew out another cigarette.

Let her, she's not going to live long anyway, the man thought.

"What's your name?" The girl asked. He thought for a second, wondering if he should talk as he lit her smoke.

"Mullins." He replied slowly, watching her. She had white skin, very white skin. He was tempted to take her into the bar, get her a few drinks, and put a few drops of Rohypnol and take her out into the back alley, where no one would be.

What the hell, I need it more than she does, he thought, smiling at her.

"What's your name?" Mullins asked. The girl blew smoke upwards, letting it curl around in the wind.

"Nancy." She replied. Mullins smiled even more.

"You know, you don't need to drug me to get…some." She said, smiling. Mullins was taken aback slightly. He put one hand into his black jacket, wrapping it around the small bottle of Rohypnol. He thought for a few seconds.

"Where do we have to go?" He asked, still smiling. Nancy reached out and wrapped her arms around his waist and pulled him closer.

"My place is just down the road here. About a three minute walk." She explained, pointing to a block of apartments not far away.

Now why doesn't that shit-hole surprise me, Mullins thought, looking at the outside. Bricks were falling off, one while he was looking. A few windows were shattered, and a few gunshots reported not far away. He looked around, hoping to see an alleyway a lot closer, but there wasn't.

"Yeah, sure. Why not…" He said, moving towards the apartment block. The two walked slowly towards the building, talking about themselves. Well, Nancy who was already high from heroine was talking about herself, Mullins was just listening, occasionally saying 'yes', or 'I see'. Finally they reached the building, and Nancy pulled out a key, unlocking the door.

Fuck, this place smells of druggies, Mullins thought, the second floor smelling like a crack house. They continued up to the fifth floor, where they entered room twenty-five, the last apartment in the building. Inside Mullins wasn't surprised. There were needles and bags of white powder all over the kitchen bench, alongside unclean dishes, pizza boxes rotting, and other things Mullins didn't want to identify.

Nancy took her arm off Mullins waist and took off her own jacket, revealing a small amount of clothing. She was wearing black fishnet stockings, black boots, a denim miniskirt, and a black top with no straps. She was clearly not wearing a bra either. Her hair had been tied up in a ponytail, but she let it fall down, increasing by a few inches.

Mullins slowly took off his jacket, underneath, he was wearing a dark green shirt, and grey khakis. He had his hair cut short, but long enough for Nancy to grab a handful as she kissed him fiercely, her tongue mingling with his. Mullins was tempted to push her away, but he realised that if he was going to get anything from Nancy, he would have to play along.

He kissed her back, and the two stumbled into Nancy's bedroom, which was covered in junk. Porno magazines were lying on the ground, a few needles on her bedside table and different coloured vibrators were strewn on top of her draws in the corner, green mould growing on one of them. The two fell on the bed, Nancy on top. She slowly took off Mullins belt and began to unzip his fly.

"Wait…not just yet." He said, taking his shirt off to reveal a hairless chest.

"Don't worry, baby. I know what I'm doing." She stated, rubbing her hands over is chest. He slowly rolled over, on top of her. He unzipped her mini-skirt, the thing falling in half and threw it across the room. He slowly worked his hand from her knee to her inner thigh. Nancy moaned.

"You're not the only one." He said, slowly rolling down the g-string she was wearing to the lower part of her thighs. He then began to roll down her stockings, stroking her smooth flesh.

"So smooth." He whispered, moving his hand further up. Nancy groaned louder, her head craned backwards, her neck fully revealed. Mullins leaned over and began to lick her neck.

"Yes, please…do it…" She moaned louder. Mullins smiled.

"Okay then." Nancy smiled, closing her eyes. She felt Mullins hand tighten on her thigh, and then stopped moving it, just continually to lick her neck. She felt him rub her teeth over her neck slightly.

"Come on…" She moaned, opening her eyes and looking at Mullins.

He smiled back at her, moving his hand upward again. She moved her head back, but kept looking at him. Then his face changed. His smile lifted and it was replaced with a cruel, but blank face.

"Just a common whore needing a fuck." He said, all emotion gone. Nancy tried to move back, but before she could move, Mullins leant over her, moving his mouth above her neck. Even though she couldn't see it, she could feel what was happening. Mullin's canines had grown into fangs, and with a sudden move, he bit down into her neck.

Nancy screamed, her body thrusting upwards, the same time and way it would have if Mullins kept moving is hands, instead of feeding off her neck. He took his fangs out and began to drink the blood pouring out of the two wounds in her neck. Nancy was still alive, barley. She moved her head and looked at Mullins, her vision fading fast. He had blood on and in his mouth. Suddenly, he kissed her, his tongue mingling with hers.

Nancy tasted her own blood, and then passed out. She didn't wake up. The last thing she ever saw was the look in Mullins eyes. The ecstasy in them, as he drank her blood. When he had finished, he got off the bed and put his belt back on, looking for his shirt.

"Sorry, baby," He started, looking back at her lifeless body. "But even vampires need to feed." He looked at the time, noticing the sun would rise in a few hours.

"In the next life, maybe you shouldn't be so desperate."