Death lingers on the Time-Line of life

'Twas memory jogged to times of sorrow and strife

When peering over the years now spent

Heartache and pain giving inner turmoil as within torn and rent…

Perhaps it is that you mark your life by candles glowing

Somehow for me 'tis not the candles that makes for memories flowing

At least not in the "regular" birthday way

Rather a happening that gives me to linger awhile and stay…

I remember those moments

That reeked of bringing torments

Gosh, those hard to endure times that seemed to be never ending

'Tis now, years later when I think, just maybe, a new beginning…

Sorrow floods my longing soul

As a bell so silently gives toll

There is no going back to your loving hand to hold

So it is a life as, A Tale That Has Been Told…

First it was Uncle, then a Treasured Lady Friend,

Daddy then parted, then Spouse of the Treasured Friend

Auntie went on and soon Mama followed

Loneliness is felt in these halls of life so hallowed…