Our Lives Are Liken Onto A Quilt

In quilting, the layers are three…

A top – a middle – and a backing.

The top is desired to be "just so"

But it is the middle layer that brings true warmth

And the backing, least we forget

Is rightfully near as important as the top.

For the stitches or tying off of from the top

Are truly viewed and felt on the backing when the quilt

Is turned back for useful use.

And so with our lives like that of a quilt,

The layers are three…

There is that outer part of us we desire others to know us by

Then there is that inner part of us,

That part of spirit, of heart and mind

That when properly cultivated

Gives to us true meaning and purpose.

And then there is the backing or everyday part of us

That part that others don't always know us by,

That is as though hidden away

But in reality shows whether or not

A masterpiece we've pieced of our lives.

First written April 1989 Connie