Faster and Faster Still

Sittin' here

Wondering how the world

Is doing outside,

Wondering if my friends

Are thinking of me or

If they're too busy with

Their own lives

To worry about little ole' me;

Seeing the world spin faster and faster,

It's almost making me dizzy,

Making me worry it'll never stop

Or spin so fast,

I fly out into space,

While everyone is still

Firmly on the ground,

Not noticing my departure.

Maybe it's because,

They're the reason I'm out here,

Left to make some new friends,

With the strangers out here,

But while some of them

Feel like they're out here, too,

They haven't made it this far,

Past the moon and the large planets,

Past Pluto and even further,

To where the Milky Way Galaxy ends

And I wonder if I'll ever get back,

Or if I'll be stuck out here forever,

Or until somebody misses my presence,

Back near my home.

Just a poem from a few years ago. You know what to do...