I now present to you…

Well, I Learned From the Best

By: storynverse

During a second-grade field trip to the local dairy farm, Laura Rollins gave her ham and cheese sandwich to Margaret-Ann Campbell simply because Margaret-Ann had left her lunch at home, forgetting that the ham and cheese sandwich was the only thing she had for lunch.

In ninth grade, Laura wrote a two-page paper on the effects of the Great Depression by herself while her partner, Jacob Dean, was too busy with varsity basketball tryouts. She never told her teacher about the lack of help, but was proud to say that they…that she received an 'A'.

When Laura worked at Target during her sophomore year in college, she agreed to switch shifts with Cayce Leone, a fellow cashier, so she could visit her parents. Long story short, two months later when Laura needed to study for a business final, Cayce couldn't cover her shift because she 'just had' to watch the Titans football game.

Some of her friends explained her pushover tendencies with a disease they liked to call "Pushoveritus"; she just liked to think she was just overly nice. Either way, Laura was going to overcome, she was going to stand up for herself, she wasn't going to take crap from anyone, to---

"Hey! Could you walk any slower?!" yelled a man on a bike as he pushed past her on the sidewalk.

" I am so sorry," she called out, turning pink.

Yes, Laura thought as she waved for a taxi, she was going to start anew. A new city, a new job and a whole new attitude… she would just have to work on the whole 'take no crap' thing.

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