Gerard ran up the stairs after his brother. He was trying to keep it calm, trying to remain rational in his head. For Mikey. He knew how hard all of this had to have been on him and he wanted to do everything he could to make it just a little bit easier. Gerard wanted to take care of his little brother, like he always had. But he knew the time would come when he would no longer be around, and Mikey's wellbeing would be out of his control. He knocked lightly on the door before opening it, peaking inside before walking in. Mikey was sitting up on his bed, his knees bent and his arms wrapped around his thin legs. He was staring out the window to his right. It was a dark, cloudy day outside.

Gerard took a quiet and deep breath, and then walked over to his brother, sitting down next to him on the bed. He was unsure of what exactly he was going to tell Mikey to make him feel better; Gerard wasn't even feeling better about the whole thing.

"She would never have actually done it," Gerard spoke, unnervingly.

Out of the corner of his eye, he could see Mikey shake his head a bit.

Gerard tried again. "It was wrong of her to go to Frank before us-you," he corrected, seeing Mikey begin to look at him. Gerard had to remember that this was about Mikey, not himself. "But she was scared. She didn't know what to do and she was right: I would have been mad at her. I was fucking furious when I found out."

"That doesn't give her the right to go and do something like that," Mikey spoke up. "It's mine too."

Gerard slowly nodded. "I know but..." he paused. "If you were her Mikey, if you could see things the way she does, you might have thought the same thing."

"Yeah but then, I would have had a child I didn't know about. That I'd never know about because she just decided to get rid of it," Mikey exclaimed.

"She was looking out for you Mikey. Neither of you are capable of raising a kid right now. You're both only fifteen years old!"

"I am so tired of hearing that," Mikey turned to his brother and said. "I was old enough to make a decision and this was the repercussion. It doesn't matter that were only 15. We don't have another choice. For me, there isn't another choice."

Gerard narrowed his eyes and looked cross at his brother. "Do you want to have this baby, Mikey?"

Mikey paused and turned his head away. "Yes."

Gerard fearful and yet a bit relieved with Mikey's answer, exhaled slowly and felt his body relax a bit.

"How did it get to be like this, Gerard?" Mikey suddenly asked. "How did my life get to be so messed up?"

Gerard felt most horrible for his brother then. Mikey's life never was meant to be like this and Gerard couldn't help but feel like it was partly his fault. If only he had been a better example...

"I don't know, Mikey," he told him. "But you know, you always have me."

"I know."

It was an awkward moment where both were wondering if a hug or another sort of brotherly motion was needed. But the time passed and it was too late for anything. They were content just to have the other anyway.

"Want to go back down?" Gerard asked.

Mikey took a moment to respond. "Yeah."

Sticking his hand out, Gerard helped Mikey to his feet, walking to the door with him in tow.

"She never would have really done it, Mikey," Gerard assured him.

And Mikey, unsure of that, only nodded as he walked with his brother back down the stairs.