Blood streamed down his arms, he could barely believe that it wasn't his own. He looked down at the porcelain blonde in his hands as tears burned down his cheeks. It was too surreal. She wasn't supposed to die so soon… Christine.

As Fury engulfed him he felt a sharp piercing in his heart. He turned just in time to see his baby brother fall to the ground. It was as if the whole battle was in fast forward. He watched as Ashley and Mandy, the other two hunters went down in defeat. The only two left standing were his older brother and himself.

It was hard to move. He felt defeated. But he would win this battle in her honor. He had no other choice. He grabbed his dagger and stared down at Riles. It only took a sec before he heard that agonizing scream of defeat. He couldn't look. He already knew his beloved older brother was dead.

He was out numbered and scarred there was no way he could win the battle this time. He couldn't even think. The sun was about to rise. He knew the battle was over, but they would meet again like they always do. He couldn't believe it went so fast. It happened in a matter of minutes… No one stands a chance up against the great dark lord, Gryphon.