An Olympic Dream

An Olympic Dream

To be craved

To be called

The be wanted

Means so much

Yet having a dream

Means so much more

To have a fire

A passion

A burning desire

In the depths of your soul

To be inspired

To dream

To dare

You ask one thing

For giving your all

To know that you are loved

To hear the roar of ten thousand people

To know they're calling your name

That is the dream of

An Olympic athlete

To know that you're

One of the best

The top few

To be proud of your accomplishments

Each medal only means one thing

That you have fulfilled

You dream

You desire, your burning desire

An Olympic Dream

A/N: Apolo Anton Ohno has inspired me within the last few days to be the best that I can be. Many people are inspired by Olympians. Thank you to all the Olympic athletes out there, you have changed so many people's lives and inspired so many dreams.