Jewel In the Sky

Jewel In the Sky

My heart often longs to soar

Up above the clouds

I soared day and night

Till I reached the velvety black sky

Dotted with stars as brilliant as the gems hidden within the earth

It was so quiet

Compared to the noise

Of the earth that my soul

Had fled from

I looked around

But what I had come seeking

Could not be found

For I was looking for God

His love, presence, and celestial being

I looked and looked

But still what I sought evaded me

I laid down among the stars

Among the velvet blackness of the sky and stars

As I lay there listening

To the quietness of my surroundings

And of my soul

I heard a small whisper

In my soul

I realized that what I had been searching for

Was in my soul all along

God has always been with me As this thought began to make sense

I heard my alarm clock chiming

That it was 6 a.m.

As I sighed I realized that

No matter what anyone else said

God would always be with me

He will never forsake me

At times it may seem like

He's abandoned you

But if you quiet your mind

And look deep enough

You'll find that He's waiting with open arms

Jewel In the Sky