A Better Way of Life

By My Best Friend


I sat trembling as I listened,

To the words that were spoken to me.

It seemed I had broken all the rules,

So blinded I failed to see.


The power, that had weakened me,

Led me on a sinful course.

For now, I found myself frozen,

And regretting from great pain.


Flashbacks, of a life I had led,

Haunted the depth of my soul;

Laws that I recklessly abandoned

While acting out various roles.


This monster, who had promised me

That my life would be rich with fun,

Had taught me how to turn my back

And not trusting my Lord.


Satan, is the name that visited

Stripping the love from my heart

Until God's presence granted me

Forgiveness and a brand new start.


He told me that His love for us

Will never bend or weaken

And that forgiveness is always granted

When we listen while He is speaking


A/N: This is my inspiration for my poetry "He, It, Us". So if you guys find any similarity, slap me! Lolzā€¦ please note that this is not my work, this is my best friend work and I published it after I gained her will. Anyway, even though this is not my work R&R is appreciated. Hope you enjoy!