I wear my heart on my sleeve

You were a knife on yours

And am I supposed to believe

That opportunity is opened doors

Your eyes are hollow and dark

Mine reflect your pain

Your retort is blunt and stark

And it'll return once again

You fight for a life that can't be won

I have lost my own war

The damage is already done

So what is the struggle for

In the dark you hide

A shadow in a familiar hall

Lost your will, lost your pride

In the end, you've lost it all

But still I am here beside you

Watching as tears mark your cheek

And you don't have a clue

That the expression you wear is bleak

You can stab me till it bleeds

Drive the blade through my skin

Cut off the hand that feeds

And throw it all in the bin

Scream at me till you're hoarse

Shout at me till you're broken

I will show no remorse

Taking away the rusted token

I will suck the wound dry

Draw the poison from the dart

I don't mind if you cry

Just stick a knife in my heart