Rationality exists three out of four

But the twenty-five percentage is out the door

Nails clutching the cold stone

Nose pressed against the wall

Teeth biting at the bone

Embracing the fall

The eyes are different for those in the room

They see a spectrum of impending doom

Eyes swollen and red

Cheeks flushed with heat

Lips dry - they bled

Their souls incomplete

The world has punished the entire population

Slowly eating away the minds of the nation

Poisoned dark and black

Thrown into the night

Planning its attack

Preparing for the fight

We reach for them but they don't hear

We grasp for them but they slowly disappear

Numb and dead inside

Their eyes hold fast

In the corner they hide

Their breath is the last

They know our fate and they do not struggle

They've lost the will for 'work and play' juggle

Lying on the ground

Their arms spread out

Voices not found

And so they shout

Call them insane - even though they are not

Leave them alone - though we're all that they've got

They know what's real

They don't do what's told

And they feel

Even if they are cold

No, rationality exists one out of four

And the seventy-five percentage just wants more

They seek what is right

Though they praise what is wrong

Thrown into the light

They try to be strong

(But we know that they're kidding themselves ...)

One to three

The one depressed

The rest reality