A/N: So this is just a little something that I recently wrote. I can't really tell you what it's about, since I think it can hold a different meaning for everybody. I know what this story means to me and what it's ultimately about for me, but I think it might ruin the story if I shared that with you. It's pretty meaningless, I suppose, but I hope you'll enjoy it nonetheless.

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It was a magical moment that came completely unexpected. She stepped outside and was greeted by the tons of mesmerizing stars that decorated the sky. It was a warm, summer night and a feeling of true contentment immediately took over her. Her eyes were incapable of looking at anything other than the beautiful sky above her and he noticed. So he let her.

When the first drop of rain fell, she smiled. The smile he loved and adored so much. More raindrops fell, falling all around them and he chuckled softly to himself when one hit the tip of her nose. It was like she had now completely forgotten he even existed, but he didn't mind for once. What he got in return was more than worth it. After all, he hadn't seen her like this in ages. Almost literally. She softly bit her bottom lip as the raindrops hit every inch of her face and body. Then she closed her eyes, as if that was the only way to let it all in.

It took her several seconds to realize that by closing her eyes, she was indeed more capable of enjoying the raindrops on her face, but wasn't able to enjoy the starry sky. So her emerald eyes quickly focused on all the beauty above her again. Her hands reached up in the air, like she was trying to touch the sky, grab the stars, hold on to them.

Then she started to spin around. Slowly at first, but quickly faster and faster. The rain had soaked her from head to toe and her long hair hung in wet strands across her face. It wasn't one of her finest moments, but she looked more beautiful than ever to him.

It was at this moment that she searched for eye-contact with him. The spinning stopped as she just stood there in the rain, looking at him, smiling. With his hands in his pockets, he returned the stare. His heart jumped in his chest when he noticed in her eyes what he had been searching for, for so long now.

She reached out to him and it didn't take long for him to take her in. He pressed her cold body against his and desperately tried to hang onto her. To his surprise she held on to him too. Her tiny arms wrapped themselves around his waist and she pressed her head against his chest. He closed his eyes and thanked God, at this point not even feeling the rain anymore.

He carefully leaned in and tried to hold back his tears as he whispered,

"Welcome back."