Can you hear her silent cry for attention
She's simple, yet she's complex
She's nothing, yet she's everything
She'll meet you at the end, yet she'll never turn her back

She's bruised from head to toe, with the smallest ego
you'll never seem to know, and you'll never seem to care
She's everything your not, and everything you'll never aim to be
She's self destruction in its best form

She'll make you hurt with just a stare, she'll get in your head
She's more then you'll ever be able to stand
For all these things she's done, she's let you down and she won't apologize

She shared with you her dreams, her promises

She'll never hold back, she'll never stop her pace
and she'll always try to redirect you

To find you someone more beautiful

But to you, placed in you.
What you see? What you feel?
She's the most beautiful thing to walk into any room
in a room full of supermodels; she's the best thing
she'll push you away, to keep you away
she'll destroy anything she'll touch

You'll strive to get in her heart
but its to late, its been to long

She's your best friend
the girl that'd never turn her back
the girl that'd watch you walk down the isle
that first girl you kissed

That girl that told you she wanted you

That girl that told you she fell for you

She's that simple girl, who's so complex to your heart
she's nothing to the world, yet everything to you
she'd never walk away from you

But she'd never wait forever

But its to late, its been to long
she's found someone else

And the positions have changed.

Yet she'll never know, how he felt
and deep inside, she still felt.
their never going to be together,
no matter how much they both want it.