The Swordsman Chronicles

In a room, it was warm and hazy of a light smoke. Candles covered the floor. Two men sat cross-legged facing each other. Their eyes closed.

One man was very old and wise. The other was an inspiring swordsmen coming of age. It seemed they were master and student.

" Find the Sword of Light," The elders offered." In the hills of Babylon you must travel. There you will find three trials."

The young swordsmen patiently awaited the elder's words of wisdom. His breathing was calm. The elder's voice was clear.

The flames of the candles flickered in the wind. The spirits entered the room. The spirits of those that failed the trials this young Swordsman was to undergo.

Once the young Swordsman had this one final task, he will be deemed a full fedged swordsman. This would complete his life-long training.

" You must conquer your ultimate fear," The elder explained." You must face your nemesis. You must defeat the evil within."

The words of the elder floated in the young Swordsman mind. Repeating over and over in his head. Shaken by the elder's words, but he could not return home, not a swordsman.

" It will be done my master," The young Swordsman left to his final task.

He left the elder's house and left for his final task.